Release Date 9/15/20

Jazz Instrumental


Release Date 9/15/20

Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz

Release Date 9/30/20


Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz

Release Date 9/25/20

Release Date 9/25/20


Cabo Frio 1979 (Rainbow Records (1979)

Third Degree  (Vasser Records (1982)

Just Having Fun (MCA Records (1982)

Right On The Money (MCA Records (1986)

Cabo Frio Cabo Frio (MCA Records (1987)

​Sophistication (GWE Records (1992)

Harlem Nocturne (Amherst Records (1990)

Modern Jazz (Japan 1985)

Valarie Vogoda (Blue House (1994)

WTMD 89.9 Sampler (1995)

Steve Gadd, Chuck Magoine, Cabo Frio (Landmarks In Music 1995)

Jean Prosper (PMP Records (2000)

Late Return (Kezia Records (2003)

George Collichio (Kezia Records (2004)

Cabo Frio(Kezia Records (2002 1st Edition)

Island Dance (Kezia Records (2004)

The Best Of Cabo Frio (Kezia Records 2006) 

Dreamin (Pocket City Records (2015)

Black Cherry (Variance Records 2019)

Bakari Smith, Chelse Chambers (Christmas Song (2019).

Set The Standard (Kezia Records 2019)

​Tear Drop 4U (Kezia Records (2020)) 

The Bible Sings (Kezia Records (2020)

Cabo Frio Live at the Glass Onion (Vintage 2020)

The Joe Santora Duo (Kezia Records (2020)

Music From The Heart  (Keziah Records (2020)

True Colors (Kezia Records (2020)